Are you keen to join London 2012 Olympics?

You may think it’s too late to get ready for participating as athlete at the Olympics as probably it is but if you’re passionate about sport there are still chances to join London Olympics.

Since London Olympics in 1948 volunteers are an important component of the games how LOCOG Chair Seb Coe said at London 2012 official website: “ Games Makers will help us to deliver a great Olympic Games, London 2012 relies on them.”

Games makers sounds slightly different from volunteers and the term well explains as they will play an active role in what the CIO says it’s the biggest volunteer recruitment campaign in UK in the post war.

Besides the 70,000 positions available over 5,000 will be within of the Media, Editorial and Press Operations department in four functional areas: Editorial Services; Media and Public Relations; Press Operations; Website and New Media.

At the Editorial Service team 50 generalists will work within the Village, researching stories and making interviews for the daily Village newspaper and for the official website.

The Media and Public Relations department will join 50-100 generalists responsible for bringing accurate coverage of the Olympics keeping contacts with national and international media organisation.

A huge number between the 4,000 and 5,000 specialists at the Press Operation office will assist members of press providing them accurate and on-time information over the games.

The Website and New Media team composed by 50-100 generalists will exploit Facebook and Twitter to develop at the most the potentiality of the website.

Applications will be open on line from Wednesday 15th September at, where you can find out all the details.

Despite no free tickets for the games are provided and no expenses will be covered except travel expenses within London zones 1-6 and meal vouchers, Games Makers still sounds a great opportunity of having your work read from million of readers, to establish contacts with national and international media organisation, and the chance to make out of a historical event a historical experience.

If you instead wish to work for the Olympics check if your skills match with the positions available uploading your CV at


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