Raw poetry and open mic in Kings Cross

The first Monday of every month at the Central Station, or alternatively at the Zenith Bar, in Kings Cross a free open poetry workshop and pre-booked open mic is held.

Raw is far from being a school of poetry or a meeting for intellectuals, it’s rather a networking community which is born as collaboration between the spoken and sung word.

CT, how she is known and wants to be called, which stands for Camtan, is the 44 year old woman who leads the workshop. She is a poet and a performer and first came to London from Sweden in 1986 with little money and a strong passion for writing.

When I met her she starts to tell me how the project started spontaneously: “It started bizarrely with a group of ten people half tipsy after a night out. In an inspiring room with a cosy atmosphere we started to write one sentence each and at the end we had a fantastic story.”

That was the cue to create the workshop which runs since that night, with a brief interruption, every month and it marked on September 13th its second anniversary with a special line-up at the Central Station.

The workshop treats a different theme every meeting and it aims to be a writing workshop rather than intellectualizing about famous poets or flaunt flashing poetry terms as CT explains:“ We don’t use or comment famous poetries, I want people think about themselves and their feelings. At Raw it’s not about how good you are but how real you are.”

I like the concept of being real but I’m afraid I haven’t completely understood it so CT tries to make it clearer:“ I think art is inside any people. What is difficult is to find the way to communicate it. Raw is mainly for stimulating writing. Often people are afraid to expose their feelings but if you put them in a friendly atmosphere they are more likely to express themselves. My job at the workshop is to take out people feelings and make it visible to other people.”

Not always feelings come out as written words, somebody find easier expressing with sung words. It was from the request of some of the frequenters that the workshop it now runs every session together with the open mic. The concept is the same which applies for the workshop and it aims to stimulate originality so the only role is no cover.

Every other month the four performance receiving more gems (votes) at Raw open mic get a gig at the Zenith Bar in the show Raw Gems and at the radio show Raw Trawlings which is soon to begin.

If you wish to participate in one of the Raw projects you can fallow Raw events on facebook at http://www.fbook.me/rawpoetry.


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