La Dolve Vita lands in Islington

London’s sixth annual italian festival of La Dolce Vita took place at a new venue in Islington on  March 11-14.

The Business Design Center has been strongly wanted by the organizers, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Brand Events, for its class and contemporaneity, which perfectly fit with the types of products exposed.

Melba Allocati, Brand Events sales executive, admitted that probably this year the event won’t reach the 20,000 visitors who attended last year fair, saying: “Looking at the general enthusiastic athmosphere, common to exhibitors and customers, however the fair can be considered a success and next year it will take place again in Islington.”

The fair presented more than 90 exhibitors through different categories.

Absolutely outstanding  the food and wine sections, with an abundance of genuine and typical regional products (sold at a lower average prices than in the shops).

Bianca la Bufala brought delicious, soft and tasty, bufala mozzarella, imported from the Caseificio Auremmia in Capua. Gastronomica, a food supplier and retailer owned by an ex-broker in the City, offered a selection of typical Piedmont region cheeses, including the Castelmagno and Raschera, plus a very mild prosciutto from Tuscany, Tenuta Giustini a company from             Puglia presented a small number of excellent quality wines including Primitivo and Negro Amaro.

The event still features the classic attractions from the former fairs including the Wine Academy, where visitors were allowed to taste two of the most excellent Italian prosecco, the Conegliano and the Valdobbiadene, and the Teatro del Gusto. Which hosted talented chefs, first of all the famous Francesco Mazzei, giving cooking lessons and showing how to prepare traditional dishes.

An interesting new entry was the Wine Street, where visitors had the chance to meet face to face with expert wine producer’s and get all their couriosities answered.

The other sections, especially culture, style and design, were not fully represented as the main ones, but were still able to provide unusual information about Italy.

Luigi Liotta from the Italian Lawyers Network, revealed how in the recent past years English people bought over 2,000 properties all over Calabria.


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