AC Milan display new talents at Emirates Cup

Football supporters used to be attracted to summer games eager to see the new players.

With no money for huge transfers organisers need to find new formula to fill stadiums. The Emirates Cup 2010 offered the chance of watching two games for £ 31, the price you use to pay for a single match.

AC Milan against Lyon didn’t show any new stars and with some of the best players still recovering from the World Cup, out Pirlo, Thiago Silva and Ronaldinho, who didn’t play in South Africa but suffered a muscle injured, it was a good occasion to watch some of the younger players.

Simone Verdi, Alexander Merkel and Rodney Strasser, all coming from the squad B, made a good impression.

The new coach Massimiliano Allegri, who already displayed the ability to integrate young players in the first squad the past season at Cagliari, gave them the opportunity to play against top competitors and they played with confidence, showing to be ready to stay steadily with the squad A.

Merkel displayed good personality and technique as when in the first half with a through pass put Verdi in front of Lyon goal keeper but the young striker didn’t find the way to score.

AC Milan found the gol in the second half when Verdi forestalling Lloris gave a splendid ball to Borriello who had just to push it into the door bringing AC Milan ahead.

Despite Lyon came out threatening AC Milan door in more occasions they found the goal to equalise only at ten minutes from the end with Briand. The draw was a fair result though it wouldn’t be unfair an AC Milan victory.

The result sentenced the Italian team at the bottom position in the competition but so far it gave good hopes for AC Milan supporters ahead of the new season.

New defender Sokratis Papastathpoulos looked a good new sign when he played in the middle or either on the stripe, and Seedorf seemed already fit for the new season start.

But the team still would need some new players to compete against top teams such as Barcelona, Chelsea or Inter Milan.

Merkel, Verdi and Strasser are a good injection of talent but probably still not enough to fill the gap with the top ones.

Much it will depend on the condition of two keys players as Alexander Pato and Alessandro Nesta, if they won’t injury as they suffered last season with a good dose of luck Allegri team may play for the final victory both in the Italian and Champions League.

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