The phenomenon Berlusconi and the illiberal democracies

The rift within the Freedom People party between the PM Silvio Berlusconi and his historical ally Gianfranco Fini brings new election in sight for Italian politics.

A scandal involving Mr Fini published in a newspaper owned by the Premier has increased the tension among the sides and raises suspects on Italian Intelligence. The American author and journalist Alexander Stille comments: “ The most powerful Italian man is used to use his means of communication to hit his political rivals.”

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Spitafields: a bridge between history and modernity of London

Walking along the streets of Spitalfields the alternation of old and decrepit buildings with the modernity of the skyline seems to put the whole city in prospective, showing as much the history of London as its modern face. In this sense nowadays this district is probably one of the most suggestive in London.

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Raw poetry and open mic in Kings Cross

The first Monday of every month at the Central Station, or alternatively at the Zenith Bar, in Kings Cross a free open poetry workshop and pre-booked open mic is held.

Raw is far from being a school of poetry or a meeting for intellectuals, it’s rather a networking community which is born as collaboration between the spoken and sung word.

CT, how she is known and wants to be called, which stands for Camtan, is the 44 year old woman who leads the workshop. She is a poet and a performer and first came to London from Sweden in 1986 with little money and a strong passion for writing.

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I was a broker, I’ve turned my life selling parma ham and salami          of Marco Vineis

I worked for several years as broker among banking giants that don’t exist any more. When a good bonus was offered me I thought about my first dream and I started my entrepreneurial career selling Parma ham and salami at the Borough Market. My previous colleagues looked at me astonished.

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Mad Mario or Super Mario?

Many nicknames have been spent to identify Mario Balotelli. In Italy he is simply Super Mario for his own fans and Mad Mario for the rivals.

Two names that explains perfectly this extremely talented 20 years old player, who has already achieved what for big stars spent an entire career: fame and damnation.

Football talking Balotelli is such a talent. Mario has a strong physic structure 190 cm per 89 kg, technical ability, great dribbling, pace, sense of goal, and strong and precise set piece. These qualities allow he to play anywhere in the front line.

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