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Cycling Naked against oil dependence

Almost 1,500 people joined yesterday the seventh London World Naked Bike Ride in Hyde Park, the provocative protest organised against oil dependency and the car culture.

The number of protesters has increased constantly each year, touching its peak yesterday

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Are you keen to join London 2012 Olympics?

You may think it’s too late to get ready for participating as athlete at the Olympics as probably it is but if you’re passionate about sport there are still chances to join London Olympics.

Since London Olympics in 1948 volunteers are an important component of the games how LOCOG Chair Seb Coe said at London 2012 official website: “ Games Makers will help us to deliver a great Olympic Games, London 2012 relies on them.”

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Vieira prefers Mancini to Mourinho

Patrick Vieira’s wife Cheryl, back in England after her husband’s transfer to Manchester City from Inter Milan has revealed the French midfielder ‘is much happier playing for his ex-boss Roberto Mancini rather than for Jose Mourinho’.

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Man died in Cricklewood Lane

An Asian mixed race man in his 30’s died yesterday in Cricklewood Lane after he was knocked down by a truck while he was crossing the street.

The man was trapped under the truck wheels, and it was necessary to wait for paramedics to arrive to move the body.

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Queens Park Court raises £13,000 for British Lung Foundation

MP Karen Buck launched yesterday a fund-raising day in support of the British Lung Foundation at Queens Park Court in Harrow Road.

Mrs Buck said: “It’s incredibly important to support event like this and get people involved. The founds are aimed to help NHS system in supporting people who suffer of lung diseases. Furthermore it’s also an occasion to see how good people are and to develop a strong sense of community.”

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Teenagers robbed a debt collector

Two teenagers assaulted a debt collector and robbed him of £ 600 near Harrow Road on Wednesday.

The two robbers were described by witnesses being aged between 16 and 17 and very slight in build. It was few minutes after 7pm, when the victim had been visiting a house in Sixth Avenue to collect the money for a court fine.

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