La Dolve Vita lands in Islington

London’s sixth annual  Italian festival of La Dolce Vita took place at a new venue in Islington on   March 11-14.

The Business Design Center has been strongly wanted by the organizers, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Brand Events, for its class and contemporaneity, which perfectly fit with the types of products exposed.

Melba Allocati, Brand Events sales executive, admitted that probably this year the event won’t reach the 20,000 visitors who attended last year fair, saying: “Looking at the general enthusiastic athmosphere, common to exhibitors and customers, however the fair can be considered a success and next year it will take place again in Islington.”

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Magnificent Maps at the British Library

You think of a map as something dimensional and useful only to get directions, at its most expression with the latest 3D edition of google map, strongly connected with the concept of travel.

These maps rather offer a trip over the space through different epochs conveying messages of power, dominance, eternity and beauty.

The creators of the technological tool would pale beside the maps exposed at the British Library. Only partially they were thought as instruments for navigation as our modern conception would suggest.

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AC Milan display new talents at Emirates Cup

Football supporters used to be attracted to summer games eager to see the new players.

With no money for huge transfers organisers need to find new formula to fill stadiums. The Emirates Cup 2010 offered the chance of watching two games for £ 31, the price you use to pay for a single match.

AC Milan against Lyon didn’t show any new stars and with some of the best players still recovering from the World Cup, out Pirlo, Thiago Silva and Ronaldinho, who didn’t play in South Africa but suffered a muscle injured, it was a good occasion to watch some of the younger players.

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Weapons of Mass Deception- Can we trust media?

The day of 9/11 attacks is one of those dates which is sadly unforgettable. A sensation of fear invaded the houses, the streets and the minds of people in US but also in all other West democratic country.  Soon the fear turned in a desire of revenge and I remember starting to believe the war in Iraq was necessary.

In Weapons of Mass Deception Danny Schechter the American media critic and former ABC News and CNN producer, documents how millions of people and I were victims of a campaign of misinformation.

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